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Our town, our stories.

A violin that played over the battlefields of the South during the Civil War; a travel chest shared by a local celebrity and her eccentric husbandevery item in our collection tells a story and enriches our understanding of the cultural history of the Town of Cambria. Rare books, photographs and maps are also available.

Town historic highlights

Mane Attraction
The seven Sutherland Sisters became wealthy celebrities from hair tonic sales. Then it all went down the drain.

Mason Murder Mystery
A scandal that riveted the nation rolled through Cambria on the way to Fort Niagara in September, 1826.

Portrait of Thomas Root

Pekin Underground Railroad
Thomas Root and others helped Blacks cross safely into Canada. His 1848 home still stands.

Anton Schwarzmueller of Wilson, New York

War of 1812
The British capture of Fort Niagara and burning of the frontier created plenty of opportunity for high heroics.

Rock Stars
Dig into the geology that shaped the town's destiny and provided fertile soil  for Niagara's superior vineyards and fruits.

Indigenous  Inhabitants
Haudenosaunee and other peoples hunted and lived here for hundreds of years before European settlers.

Forsyth Tavern.

Early Taverns
"Public houses" such as the Forsyth Tavern on Ridge played a vital role in Ellicott's strategy for settling the Niagara frontier.

20th Century
Latter day artifacts illuminate farming, fire protection and other important elements of our town's continuing historical development.

Where is Cambria?

The Town of Cambria is in the heart of Niagara County, New York. It was established in 1808.

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Cambria Historical Hall

The Cambria Historical Society and Museum is located at 4153 Lower Mountain Road in the Town of Cambria, New York. It was the site of the Town Hall c. 1879-1972.

There is much to discover in this “Right to Farm” community with fine examples of historic architecture, farms and wineries along the Niagara Wine Trail.

Our Mission

The mission of the Cambria Historical Society is to research, record and preserve the history of the Town of Cambria, New York, to maintain a museum for the presentation of such history to the populace, to present the history of the town publicly, and to conduct educational programs on the history of the town and region.